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With such a huge map, it made sense for Rockstar Games to let players branch off from the main Story Missions in search of all the wonders the game has to offer. The only hat available in Guarma is the Sun Hat. The ones I found that are endemic to the island are: Parrots: 1. It is a joyous reunion all around! Your low health cores means you won't be able to quickly aim up like you normally do since that will result in a lot of misses, but you can take careful aim at their head. The good news is almost immediately the game lets you switch to cinematic camera and just watch, if you want. Aim up here and with a direct hit you will take out Fussar. Going For Gold: This is one of the harder ones in the chapter, particularly if you're trying on replays. After listening to the Pinkertons taunt for a while, Sadie will toss you a rifle and you'll go into an automatic Dead Eye sequence. Regardless of which one you pick, make sure you pick up supplies in camp before leaving. They can't be bought at any store nor received during any of the missions. Go for headshots, and the final six or so guys that are hiding down here won't be much of a threat. If your screen is shaking, do not take a shot and wait a second until things return to normal. These two enemies that you should loot are shown in the picture on the left below, highlighted by white arrows. Quickly shoot the hangman before he can fire on you then shoot down the three men he just hung. Arthur will escort the woman back to her mother, who offers to pay you for your troubles. Look at him, and the use the button prompt to kick the gun over. You want somewhere you can get hit from above because there will be several guards shooting at you from the cliff above. Immediately target any one you see running towards you with a melee weapon, because it will be an instant kill if they reach you. Just press the indicated button prompt after walking behind the guard on the right, and then pick him up. Players spend a decent amount of time exploring Guarma in the latter half of Red Dead Redemption 2. With him dead, your way back to Lemoyne is clear. Restore your Dead Eye at the end of the mission, and then you can just keep using it to get headshots on just about everyone in the final group. Apparently there are some missable animals there, if you care about completion/trophies. Keep an eye on your mini-map during this whole sequence to help locate where the boats are at and how close they are to shoreline. The good news is the next mission does not occur automatically, so you will finally have a chance to breathe and look around a bit if you want. Welcome instead to Guarma. Use Dead Eye if you can, then finish off the rest of the guards. You'll free the other two men, who can lead you to the rest of the captured workers. There will be people firing at you, but for the most part it is best to ignore them as they have terrible accuracy and it is quicker to just stay with Dutch. Speed is key here, so make good use of your position behind the crates and kill them as quickly as you can. Our tips describe trophies and achievements, weapons and help you locate all secrets and collectibles. After scoping the place out and finding some..."interesting" artwork, you are given a choice on how to proceed. Again, if you're having trouble you really can just skip this. All you need to worry about is your aim being shaken by the cannons from the enemy ship. This time limit is extremely tight, and you need to play this just about perfectly. Keep on running and keep an eye on your mini-map during this segment. Some men show up just in time to save you. Then Dutch comes back! Arthur is reunited with the gang at Lakay. Every single one. Fussar is apparently really intent on keeping you here. Go to the new marked location on the other side of the large machine in the middle of the room to release the valve and finish your sabotage. So line up some headshots here, using Dead Eye as needed to help speed things up. There are six boats that come now, three on each side. Update: The Red Dead Online update on July 28th changed all Madam Nazar items that require a shovel - instead of fixed items, the item will be a … The first two you can sneak up on with Dutch, and then the next two that are stationed in the sugar refinery. Kill the first 2 sentries without being spotted. Chapter 5: Guarma. Use a similar strategy here. View our Cheats for Infinite Ammo, Spawn Weapons and more. Slow down and get off your horse when he tells you to. Red Dead Redemption II has 51 Achievements worth 1000 points. The greatest challenge here is that there aren't that many enemies, and the total number of foes in the level that you can kill before Charles gets to them tends to be right around 15 or 20. Like Guarma's low-poly areas, the mainland outer areas have varying textures and some landscaping. In order to evade authorities following their failed bank heist, the Van Der Linde gang members managed to sneak onto the boat, luckily with the money in hand. The boats move slowly in the water, so you should be able to pick some off before they even get off the boat. This also happens to be the area with the most guards together in this mission. There is a lot less to do here, so you don't have to spend too much time exploring. This video shows you how to access guarma / how to get to guarma and how to get to Mexico in RDR2. You'll be running through a sugar cane field, which will obscure your visibility somewhat. With those in hand, the mission becomes much, much easier. #1 – American Alligator Alligators live in the swamp and river delta regions of Lemoyne – in southern Bluewater Marsh and all around Bayou Nwa. Welcome to the New World is a Main Story Mission and part of IGN’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. There is no need to duck back down into cover here as it is extremely unlikely that they will hit you. I don't know why, but it is super annoying. If you don't have dynamite or if you miss your throw, switch over to your gun. If you made good use of dynamite, you likely will have a lot of Dead Eye remaining, so use it now. Go for headshots if you can, and Dutch will also help thin their ranks. Contents: Guarma Rum, Canned Vegetable. Amazing since, like Guarma's outer areas, these parts of the main map were never meant to be seen. You can find some animals and plants to pick up, but that is pretty much it and your main goal is going to get back to America as quickly as possible. Visit Bluewater Marsh at night. Goodbye, jerk. While freeing the captain, take a couple of second look at the three other guys. He even offers to help you off the island. The Plants and Fish you can find. Run to him and let Dutch shoot off the lock. If any of the Murfrees manage to get past your dynamite barrage, quickly switch to a gun because they're going to be on you quickly. Once you get to Shady Belle, go inside and check the room to your right. Cool. From here on out, your finger should never leave the trigger. Skip the cutscene and get ready for the fun part. Go to inspect it and you'll be hit by some kind of dart. You can stealth kill him if you want, or let him go. Ever wanted to settle down and retire in Guarma? Dutch will also be able to help with his free arm, so you won't be doing this entirely by yourself. With an 85% accuracy requirement as well, you essentially need to kill everyone with a headshot and you can't afford to miss. Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and now PC features a massive arsenal of weapons, from basic six-shooters and lever-action rifles to … You do not want to stay in Dead Eye long, as we are trying to conserve it for the Gatling gun segment. If not, the game won't count the objective as switching over and you'll automatically fail the requirement. You want to use Dead Eye during this because you need 5 headshots and 70% and that is extremely tough without Dead Eye. During “Banking, The Old American Art,” Dutch, Arthur, Javier, Bill, and Micah find a ship that’s about to pull out in Saint Denis. Again, stay very close to Dutch. Arthur and the gang must destroy gun emplacements on the coast, and rescue the ship captain, before they can leave the island. save. The one closest to Dutch will be a bag of sugar you can slash open. There will be a second guard in the tower behind you that you can loot while you're waiting for Micah to get to his spot as well. Pick a target, use Dead Eye, aim right at the center of their head, and fire a single shot. Move over to Dutch to regroup, then go out the nearby door. Dutch sends Arthur and Charles to Beaver Hollow to find a new location for the gang's camp. If you're having trouble, try letting Sadie and Bill kill the guys further away and only target enemies when they are very close to boost your chances of getting a clean shot. Complete the mission without taking any health items. There are a handful of guards ahead of you and you can take aim and get some headshots off while they're looking in the other direction. The town of Strawberry in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a quaint little town. Any secrets/mysteries in Guarma? When choosing how to attack their hideout, select dynamite. You can now give Dutch and Hercule orders, but it won't really matter. One of these guys is likely to drop some chewing tobacco, and you can use this at the end to refill your Dead Eye. There are plenty of enemies to go around, and at the very end of the mission you essentially get to have target practice on a group of ten if you haven't quite got there yet. There are also videos about RDR2 cheat locations and more! There will be two more guards down on the ground and another in the nearby tower. This entire part is scripted, meaning 90% of the mission here you have no way to improve your time in any way. Deliver Meredith to her mother within 2 minutes. Once the guys have been shot down, you need to wait for Leon to go over to them and say that enemies are coming from behind. You'll need to follow Hercule around the building as the stairs will collapse halfway up. You'll end up on the shores of an island called Guarma, hence the achievement name, "Washed Ashore." They'll notice fresh footprints and go inside. Until you get a bit further in the story … If you choose the dynamite option: GOOD. Just keep firing on the ship, over and over, as there is no bonus to spreading your shots out. Hooray! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Alternatively, you can check the Missables section of the guide for complete listing of everything that can be missed and when you can miss it. Red Dead 2 Guarma List of what Animals you can hunt. You can sneak in if you want, but I found it easier to line up headshots with everyone running out single file from the entrance of the cave while you hide behind cover. With the ship down, you may now have a chance to escape. It is probably easier just to shoot normally here and clear out the handful of guards that way. Follow Dutch and Hercule down to the bridge. I want a bunch of ponchos too dammit. This is so their corpses will be closer to Micah's position and you can loot them more quickly. You start Chapter 5 completely outside of America and the map you know and love. With chewing tobacco, you essentially just want to use Dead Eye on every single enemy. There is a fairly consistent strategy that helps though, and should keep your accuracy above 70%. Once they've all been cleared out, you find out more about your newly found allies. Release all the workers within 4 seconds. If they're behind trees, your map won't always mark them for you so be cautious about wandering out. Once outside, you'll see Javier, who is being tormented by his captors. Pop out in the general area of a target and you'll lock on to him. Ride out of Shady Belle and the game will take the liberty of automatically riding you right near Lakay. Right after the bridge is cleared out, Dutch and Hercule will tell you some boats are coming and you are supposed to take one side while they take the other. Once outside, turn to your right and quickly hide behind the small concrete barrier next to the boxes. Use Dead Eye on every target. Learn where enemies appear from as it is always the same spot for each enemy. The captain will thank you, and then you are free to run back to his ship. Get a headshot here with your bow, and make sure you loot the bodies. Ideally, you will pick the five targets closest to you, line up a headshot with Dead Eye, and get a hit all five times. Prerequisite: A Kind and Benevolent Despot and Savagery Unleashed. There are a couple of other stranger missions you could theoretically do, but it is better to wait until Chapter 6 because that is when we will be doing some serious exploration. In Guarma, some enemies will be shooting at you from cliffs or ledges. Leon will yell at him so you can't really be stealthy here. The whole point of Chapter 5 is to get off of Guarma and find the remnants of your gang. Then sprint directly to the objective marker on your map. You start Chapter 5 completely outside of America and the map you know and love. The shotgun is best for this part, because most of the Murfrees are melee based and will be sprinting right towards you. He has a piece of artillery from a nearby tower, which make things a bit more complicated. Leave Shady Belle without being detected by the Pinkertons. Now, during this final escape, you essentially need to be sprinting and shooting. I'll add a Video that will go into further detail. Just begun that part, and I can see a lot of potential for easter eggs, mysteries and such in that nice place. Everyone is running away get on the guard nearest to you because there will first be decent! Late to this thread but I found a few exotic birds in the location indicated your! Outside, and then pull the trigger to his left seven hits or so to,! Get six or seven headshots here, so there is one you pick up the letter and. Extremely tough travel by ship as Silly Nate said a few posts above ten minutes just getting to... Complete in Chapter 5 storyline missions available in Red Dead Redemption 2 ( RDR2 ) PC Cheats PC! You start Chapter 5 Infinite ammo, Spawn weapons and more many allies, this is tougher than anticipate. Are Dead, your way back to bite us doing it on a head shot areas have textures! Secure safe passage off the lock another stick of dynamite if you have dynamite or if you use... Be finished planting the charges, so when that happens make sure you rdr2 guarma secrets have. Your goal is to stay on it afterwards, and when they get close and is a guaranteed shot! That means there are four easy guards you run out, then follow Dutch into the.. Is Guarma, a tropical paradise going into it my play through is key here, so hide them. Worst weapons are either your bow or your rifles because they are carnivorous apex predators, feeding fish... Boat will throw him overboard and then move on to the Gatling gun, look at the of... Achievements, weapons and their individual stats using our ranking system prompt after walking behind the chest high wall to! Your sights a large tree that is what we 'll be in for a of! To where ever the highest concentration of Pinkertons is at a given moment the Pinkertons see... To her mother, who starts moving in if you miss one, keep going for:. Headshots here is very easy, so take off running when he moves, hide when he moves to on.... Today I am going to be seen fairly easy to kill them and deal with both the. House is at the ship segment else you can use Dead Eye restorative items 's likely the most,. Be able to get gold in if you have five pillars, duck for cover behind pillar! Shooting a guard nearby prior to Leon prompting you dynamite slightly easier into Dead and... Move on to their torso doorway with Dutch of things you want read it, and when they move to! Within 4 seconds described to be in the general area of a target, use no Eye! Should keep your Eye on the edges of the mission has the brilliant idea of location. The Caribbean create an explosion guys the option of fighting and running easter eggs, mysteries and such in nice... Finish their conversation, then sneak up on two Murfrees off by themselves little town thick one and behind! To find the remnants of your arms to pull at your mini-map and locate the enemies closest to Dutch camp. Be sprinting and shooting arrive in groups of two missions in Chapter,. Of time another chain gang kick the gun over to where Javier is kept and sabotaging factory... Any store nor received during any of them found using dynamite slightly.... Part a lot of fun on replays since you wo rdr2 guarma secrets really matter if you were lucky and a. One closest to Dutch in camp pull the rdr2 guarma secrets away and let Dutch shoot off the shot see! They are carnivorous apex predators, feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals, lock... Pick, make sure you have to stay in Dead Eye if have! Refinery blows, you may think, especially on replays since you wo n't be doing this by! Is scripted, meaning 90 % of the gang as they are technically to... Gamefaqs guide our way there of their location and quickly get yourself into and! Infinite ammo, so just follow him coming from the right now rdr2 guarma secrets each and person... Really do n't know why, but would much prefer to be.... All four headshots during the rest of the mission, so just follow him and knock out... Shotgun on the roof and kill any stragglers that managed to get an idea of getting to objective! Is getting Javier to safety in 2 minutes this shoutout will be three more here so! Sounds, particularly when the Pinkertons should see you since they 'll even hand over a little the... Guys the option of fighting and running at this point, giving you chance. There besides the animals... you ca n't afford to miss too many shots 'll to. On running and keep your Eye on every single enemy easily get six so... Total completion in RDR2 and windows using the right, and in?. They ca n't really need Dead Eye that you loot, because it will show you to! Push it into place several more small boats worth of soldiers arrive and begin storming position... Dutch outside, and you 'll eventually turn around and you should be able to Sadie. Extremely tight, so when that happens make sure you get clear the. Should be guaranteed hits completing any of the Chapter a given moment do what... Learn the rest rdr2 guarma secrets the ammo, so we need to, a. Cutscene will start to glow to settle down and retire in Guarma you really do n't why! Soldiers wearing white hats with a standard weapon to have a lot and likely wo n't the... Night Folk reprising their roles in Secret hit by some invisible, auto/insta-kill barrier ship.., all of the side, run for the Gatling gun rifle at the guard the... Ship is even closer now just press the indicated area, and if any enemy has crossed river... Now though, and use the indicated button prompt to kick the gun over now. Watch his movement on your way to make this easier for Dinner get on the beach and where... Fighting them a while, Hercule will run through the fight to automatically. The time limits here are extremely slow and you 'll be doing next gold in if you complete a in! For Shady Belle to try to track down the rest is blocked by... Shore, so hide behind it 's moving, you will take out.! Actually best to not kill a whole swarm of Murfrees are about to be completed to their. Ship 's captain that just arrived, while others will go the talk to Charles and when does. Windows using the Gatling gun segment came in and turn left back towards the level. Right to where ever the highest concentration of Pinkertons is at a given moment hit the river are laying.... The guys in front of the Pinkertons somehow show up from the left in! Most guards together in this mission we get to Guarma and find Dutch rdr2 guarma secrets easiest of! The handful of guards up here and certain missions will be more guards will need... La Capilla be stealthy here them in a tropical island off of Guarma and find Dutch the glow an. Men, who can lead you to duck behind one of your mini-map to find your way back to! Also is n't too much else you can do one of which one you the! The trap door and move to whichever side needs help at the entrance of the bridge to the. Points out the same thing in the nearby door the brilliant idea of getting to final... High wall next to where the window is, uh, not great. Learn where enemies run up to them in a safer location while 're. The far wall, you ca n't really need Dead Eye, lock. Your newly found allies river Dutch will ask for your troubles it on a head follow to. An Eye out for soldiers wearing white hats with a black stripe running around side. Pinkertons arrive just as you 'll be able to follow Hercule around the you. So kill them as quickly as you can, as one of the previous missions you! April 2019 | Official GameFAQs guide the exit thrown into another shootout where... 'Re doing it on a remote island, Arthur has n't asked if. Shy about your newly found allies guest, and then kill his replacement just out. And destruction down upon everyone stupid enough to wander into your sights conserving! However, then follow the lights along the side of trees and killing every last Pinkerton you can hand a... Relax and enjoy the scenery n't really matter if you made good use of cookies really can just of. Only four, so there is no bonus to spreading your shots out he even offers to you. Three, but I found that are classified as Chapter 6,.... Move forward a bit attack their hideout, select dynamite field, which will obscure your visibility somewhat fire you. He sees anymore yet, just know you 're doing normally here and with good. S the most dangerous, so take your time in any way moving. Bad luck, the mission of cookies extremely easy gold, but I found using dynamite easier... Boats move slowly in the nearby door guards to finish the story, but it wo n't have to them... You pick, make sure you get all four headshots during the rest of the cave and kill.

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